Masturbation Banned!!!

It is with sadness that Bad Idea Bears Publishing announces that Trekkie Monster’s self-help book “Masturbation: The Medicine of Life” has been banned by the department of Decency and Moral Upstanding for being ‘too real’ and for sharing things which don’t need to be shared with the UK public citing the book is ‘too filthy and disgustingly crude’.
Trekkie is very upset with this new development and commented that if he ‘had any tissues left’, they would be drying his eyes.  Trekkie thinks this might have happened because it was too real… that he had ‘found the secret – the meaning of life’ but the powers that be have ‘strapped a chastity belt’ around his teachings.
The book preached to share how to live a happy and relaxed life using patented techniques from Trekkie Monster himself… to de-stress within and outside of the home.
Though the book has been banned, there are currently excerpts from the book online where Trekkie Monster has been sharing information each Friday at noon.  Check it out at

Interview – Trekkie Monster talks about “Masturbation: The Medicine of Life”

This is further to the announcement shared here on 25th August regarding the release of Trekkie Monster’s first self-help book, “Masturbation: The Medicine of Life”.  In this interview, he discusses the success of his book.  The views shared in his book must go hand in hand with his belief that ‘internet is for porn’.  If you’ve seen Avenue Q, you know what we mean.  If you haven’t seen it, go now!  It’s closing on 30th October.  The book, like the show, has to be taken with the intent it is written… a bit of truth told with a humorous spin.  People shouldn’t take it too serious or be offended.
In the interview, Trekkie Monster talks about support from celebrities such as Margaret Thatcher, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Hugh Hefner.  He refers to himself as a literary genius and offers advice to those who want to write to ‘have an idea and to stick to it’ and ‘know your research material’… ‘do it and do it with love, do it with passion and conviction’.
He makes no apologies for the frankness in his book.  He believes masturbation helps relieve the stresses in life and doesn’t need to be boring so offers suggestions and tips in his self-help book.
See the interview here: and read about his book here:

Avenue Q’s Trekkie Monster presents Masturbation: The medicine of life!

B.I.B. Publishers are proud to announce the release of Avenue Q’s Trekkie Monster’s first self help book “Masturbation: The Medicine of Life”.

This exciting first instalment from the soon to be world renowned Trekkie Monster Self Help Series is straight from the think tank in Trekkie’s furry head with the only intention being to help you along on a path to a life of immaculate health. The 1,500 page book will give you advice and guidance in all manner of situations or life issue; giving the reader a comfortable solace in tackling life’s problems with a simple stroke of the wrist.

Inspiration from the book came from years of extensive research on the author’s behalf, spending over 12 hours a day looking into the background of this technique and trying out every different and possible way of assuring this sure to be popular past-time turned healing procedure. Trekkie commented “Me feel that this really digs to the soul of Trekkie. Ever since I was teenage monster, me worked very hard, enduring many sprained wrist and blistered palm for this cause. Me believe my techniques will help people and monsters all over the Earth”.

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