AT THE BROKEN PLACES by Joseph Horton at The Cock Tavern Theatre

Savio(u)r Theatre Company in association with Adam Spreadbury-Maher for Good Night Out presents The World Premiere of AT THE BROKEN PLACES at The Cock Tavern Theatre which is written by Joseph Horton and directed by Tim Sullivan.

AT THE BROKEN PLACES follows the teachers and students of fictional Sierra High School as they write and stage an account of the fatal massacre that occurred at their school twenty years earlier, hoping finally to destigmatize a school that has for so long been synonymous with violence. The cast is multi-generational: a father funds the production with damages awarded from the gun company that armed his son’s murderers; Sierra’s principal must face the anger of a furious suburban evangelical community, and a drama teacher agrees to stage the tragedy. The school’s production is complicated by Sierra students who witnessed the attack and now have children of their own acting in the show. The student actors, playing the murderers and murdered – “monsters” and “martyrs” –  struggle to perform to a community desperate for closure yet awash in intractable guilt and unabated grief.

 The play draws inspiration from the aftermath of the shootings at Columbine High School, an event Horton experienced as a student at a nearby high school in Littleton, Colorado. 

AT THE BROKEN PLACES is winner of the Hopwood Award for Drama (previous recipients include Arthur Miller, who called the award “the most important prize of my career”) and a grant from the Farrar Memorial Playwrighting Foundation. Savio(u)r Theatre Company presents the full-length world premiere production, following its successful preview at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival, and their recent production of The Trojan Women at The Cock Tavern Theatre.

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Savio(u)r Theatre Company presents THE TROJAN WOMEN by Euripides, translated by Brendan Kennelly and directed by Tim Sullivan at The Cock Tavern Theatre from 21 Nov – 11 Dec 2010.

And what is love? And where is love?
We have grown so used to murder
we no longer hear the cries.
Love is murdered here today.
That’s how a city dies.

An epic indictment of the horrors of war, The Trojan Women remains one of the most powerful and heartbreaking tragedies of all time.  In this innovative production, American and British actors will portray two colliding superpowers, as the women of Troy face an uncertain future amidst the ruins of their fallen city.

Dedicated to uniting British and American artists, Savio(u)r Theatre Company is pleased to be presenting The Trojan Women following their production of the world premiere of the award-winning At the Broken Places at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. The company has brought a unique blend of British-American perspectives through mixed casts in Twelfth Night, or What You Will at the Courtyard Theatre, Sarah Kane’s Crave at Camden People’s Theatre, A Doll’s House Revisited, a comedic reinvention of Ibsen’s classic, at the Etcetera Theatre, and a multi-cultural, music-infused take on the quintessential American play, Our Town, at Camden People’s Theatre.

Cast includes: Jenna Berk, Zack Chaykin, Nicola Davis, Sam Freeman, Kate Glover, Rebecca Hilsdon, Dotty Kultys, Dubem Nuabe, Lydia Outhwaite, Leanne Rivers, Zoë Swenson-Graham, Ian Taylor, and Zoë Teverson.

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A Doll’s House Revisited by Joseph Brady

A Doll’s House Revisited which is directed by Joseph Brady and Zoë Swenson-Graham, produced by Daisy Fellowes and Tim Sullivan and presented by Savio(u)r Theatre Company, will be playing at Etcetera Theatre from 25 May – 6 June, 2010.

Following their acclaimed productions of “Twelfth Night” at the Courtyard Theatre and “Crave” by Sarah Kane at Camden People’s Theatre, Savio(u)r Theatre Company will be producing this comedic reinvention of
Ibsen’s classic play.
Nora, the original desperate housewife, is forced to take a stand in a man’s world when her past decisions come back to haunt her. A misogynist husband, lecherous doctor, and scheming houseguests round out the colourful cast of
characters in this rollicking adaptation.
Cast includes: Robert Hall, Clare Latham, Tim Pritchett, Val Sturgess, and Alan Thorpe 

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