Following its sell-out success as a gala West End concert in July, A Spoonful of Stiles & Drewe will live on in the form of a live highlights recording, released on CD today, Monday 8 December 2008.

It features Olivier Award winners Stiles & Drewe themselves, fellow Olivier recipients Joanna Riding, Clive Rowe and Leanne Jones, pop star Gareth Gates and musical theatre stars Julie Atherton, Helena Blackman, Daniel Boys, Richard Dempsey, James Gillan, Alison Jiear, Shona Lindsay, Claire Moore, Lisa O’Hare, Caroline Sheen, Scarlett Strallen, Rebecca Thornhill and Oliver Tompsett.

Celebrating 25 years of songwriting by composer George Stiles and lyricist Anthony Drewe, A Spoonful of Stiles & Drewe includes a wealth of material from their shows Honk!, Just So, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, as well as previously unrecorded material and six exclusive tracks from their upcoming show, Soho Cinders, an hilarious twist on the classic fairytale, in which Cinderella is running for his Prince while his Prince is running for Mayor of London.

A Spoonful of Stiles & Drewe was produced by Neil Eckersley and Paul Spicer for Speckulation Entertainment with creative direction by Paul Spicer, musical supervision by George Stiles and artistic supervision by Anthony Drewe. Recorded live at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Sunday 6 July 2008, the recording is released by Speckulation Entertainment and produced by George Stiles.

Thanks to generosity of all involved in A Spoonful of Stiles & Drewe, all profits from the recording will go to Mercury Musical Developments, a British charity nurturing new musical theatre writing.

For further details and to purchase the CD, visit www.spoonfulcd.com or www.dresscircle.co.uk

Track Listing

1. Flowers for a King (Helena Blackman & Ensemble)

2. There’s No Harm in Asking (Richard Dempsey & Clive Rowe)

3. Wait a Bit (Julie Atherton)

4. Joy of Motherhood (Joanna Riding, Claire Moore & Rebecca Thornhill)

5. Never Land (James Gillan, Helena Blackman & Ensemble)

6. There’s Always Tomorrow (James Gillan & Ensemble)

7. Practically Perfect (Lisa O’Hare, Scarlett Strallen & Caroline Sheen)

8. Magic Fingers (Joanna Riding, Claire Moore, Shona Lindsay & Richard Dempsey)

9. Carrying a Torch (Joanna Riding)

10. A Little Bit of Nothing (George Stiles & Anthony Drewe)

11. Diva (Alison Jiear)

12. Wishing for the Normal (Leanne Jones & Gareth Gates)

13. I’m So Over Men (Joanna Riding & Claire Moore)

14. Gypsies of the Ether (Gareth Gates & Oliver Tompsett)

15. It’s Hard to Tell (Gareth Gates, Leanne Jones & Ensemble)

16. They Don’t Make Glass Slippers (Gareth Gates)

17. You Shall Go to the Ball (Company)

18. Does the Moment Ever Come? (George Stiles & Anthony Drewe