Territory by Reuben Johnson at Pleasance Theatre

Fiddy West Productions and The Pleasance Trust presents Territory by Reuben Johnson at Pleasance Theatre from  14 – 23 June 2010.

Territory returns to the Pleasance Theatre Islington for a short run at the beginning of a 4 month UK tour. Territory will also visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 in August and The Lowry, Salford Quays in September alongside various community venues across London and Manchester. 

‘After its short festival run is over, this will no doubt be an effective tool in educating school children against the dangers of peer pressure and knife crime. And because it strives so hard never to talk down to its intended audience, it carries a message that actually stands a chance of being heard.’ – Scotsman 2009 ****

The play observes a group of young boys spending an evening in the local woods. When one of the boys brings his older, successful brother to join them the status within the group is tested. While some characters are open to the idea of change and interested in leading a successful life others feel threatened and begin to cause trouble. With varied characters, a dramatic narrative, fast-paced dialogue and subtly intertwined morals the play is perfect for a young audience.

‘Territory’ was shortlisted for Alfred Fagon Award 2009 and won the NSDF and Methuen Drama Best Emerging Artists Award, Best Ensemble and Best Producer -2009

‘Johnson’s writing, in what is essentially a morality play, is raw and heartfelt…from one so young this is frighteningly accomplished.’ – Scotsman 2009 ****