Tiny Tim Productions presents ‘Puss In Boots’ at Arts Theatre this Christmas!

After the massive success of A Christmas Carol last year, Tiny Tim Productions presents this years must see Christmas Show “Puss In Boots” at Arts Theatre from 18th November 2010 to 16th January 2011.

When the Miller dies, his youngest son is disappointed to hear that all he got is a cat. But he soon discovers that this is no ordinary cat but a cat who can talk and who makes up the most amazing stories and lies.

The Arts Theatre is a small club theatre in Great Newport Street, Central London, which seats 347 in a two-tier basement auditorium. The theatre was opened on 20 April 1927 as a club for the production of unlicensed plays, for members only, thus avoiding theatre censorship by the Lord Chamberlain’s office. It was one of a small number of committed, independent theatre companies, including the Hampstead Everyman, the Gate Theatre Studio and the Q Theatre, which took risks by producing a diverse range of new and experimental plays, or plays that were thought to be commercially unviable on the West-End stage. The theatrical producer Norman Marshall referred to these as ‘The Other Theatre’ in his 1947 book of the same name.

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