Over the Rainbow winner and the nation’s Dorothy is Danielle Hope!

The Over the Rainbow Finale is on BBC One tonight, 22/5/2010.  I’m sure Andrew Lloyd Webber, the panel, audience, and two final contestants are excited to see who will be Dorothy.  Who will it be – Sophie or Danielle?
Sophie Evans (17) – Wales:
Sophie has been singing as long as she has been speaking.  She gets her singing ability from her mother.  Her family is very supportive.
Danielle Hope (18) – Greater Manchester:
Danielle, a full-time student, recently quit her part time job to focus on her studies and to pursue her dream of becoming an entertainer/performer.  Her family, while realistic about the entertainment business, they are very supportive.
They both are pretty and talented.  When singing ‘Over the Rainbow’, amazingly they each made it their own with beautiful renditions sounding very different.  The judges feel they owned the song.  The Dorothys also performed a song of their choice.  Both did an excellent job though Danielle’s performance of Mambo Italiano was livelier than Sophie’s choice of song (again though – both well done).
The winner will be recording Over the Rainbow as a single for charity available for download after midnight tonight.
Though the night is all about Dorothy, Toto deserves an honourable mention – Dave or ‘Dangerous Dave’ is Toto.
Just announced — The winner and the nation’s Dorothy is Danielle Hope!
Lloyd Webber is pleased with the result and said that the public has never been wrong yet.  Well done to all the contestants and best of luck to Danielle!

Book Tickets for The Wizard of Oz Musical

Last few weeks for Over The Rainbow!

Five weeks in and now with just seven girls in the running, Andrew’s search for a Dorothy to star in his production of The Wizard of Oz is getting tougher every week…

This Saturday the wannabe Dorothys performed two Wild-West inspired musical numbers in what host Graham Norton termed the ‘showdown at the hoedown’, while in Sunday’s results show panellist Charlotte Church joined the girls onstage for a very special performance – before the dreaded sing-off left Andrew facing another tough decision.

But it’s not just Dorothy we’re searching for – our exclusive video footage shows what happened when eleven dogs descended on self-confessed cat man Andrew’s country home, all vying to play Toto in a special gala performance of The Wizard of Oz.

Find out what the girls are up to this week on BBC1 this Saturday 1st May at 7.10pm, and see which Dorothy we’ll be saying goodbye to in the results show on BBC1 this Sunday 2nd May at 7.15pm.

For more information, please go visit: www.bbc.co.uk/overtherainbow/

Entertainment Has Gone to the Dogz, ‘The Wizard of Dogz’

If you’re watching the new show ‘Over the Rainbow’ – the search for Dorothy – you might be interested in ‘Wizard of Dogz’Andrew Lloyd Webber is looking for Dorothy’s Toto.

To highlight the search for Toto, BBC has created a short Wizard of Oz film where all the good characters are played by dogs and the baddies played by cats. 

Toto Open Auditions were scheduled to take place on 6th and 7th April at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire where 10 dogs were to have been selected (5 of the 10 to be selected by the panel to continue into the competition).  The panel of judges working with Lloyd Webber include Jodie Prenger (winner of I’d Do Anything and Nancy in Oliver), Gerry Cott (animal trainer to the stars) and Sarah Fisher (animal behaviour expert).  Viewers won’t be able to vote for the cute little four-legged stars. The winner will appear in a one-off gala performance of The Wizard of Oz in the West End next year.

This is a time when we won’t mind entertainment going to the Dogz!

For more information, please go visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rd98s