A Guide To Sexual Misery returns to the Arts Theatre

From the nation that gave the world Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Otto Weininger, we bring you Wolfgang Weinberger, the world’s funniest sex guru.

Nearly 20 years after ‘Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus’ divided the nation and the sexes, the politics of love and sex are back in the spotlight. 

Written and hosted by Wolfgang Weinberger “A Guide to Sexual Misery” will open at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End on Friday 4 March and play a strictly limited season of Friday and Saturday nights until Saturday 2 April (press night Friday 4 March at 10pm).  The show played a sell-out season at the Arts Theatre in Autumn 2010 and is a huge hit in Weinberger’s native Austria.

Wry, cheeky and sometimes irreverent, Austrian sexologist Weinberger digs deep into our sexual psyche encouraging us to laugh at ourselves and offers us a healthy dose of comic relief from our intimate relationships.  This show could change your sex life!

The media are always quick to tell us what kind of sex life we should and could be having.  The reality is mostly very different!  Weinberger has made it his life’s work to improve the sex lives of his fellow man (and woman!).  

He takes an amused look at the minefield that is sexual relations and examines –

How often we should have sex? What women really want? Do we lose our sex drive? Does online dating work? Can you keep a healthy love life after having kids? Why do we have silly sex faces?  What is an acceptable time between having sex and playing Angry Birds? And the age-old question – does size really matter?  He also gives new insight into how to communicate with a partner and how to keep your sex life fresh and lively!  And he, and his audiences, offer some perceptive as well as some ‘alternative’ solutions for maintaining sexual bliss in relationships and ensuring a long and happy future with your partner.

This unique show provokes riotous laughter night after night without needing a single joke – it’s all based on rock solid science, the science of sex!

Funny, provocative but always intelligent, this is a bold attempt to once again resolve the battle of the sexes.  And you will leave the theatre with the ability to create sexual mayhem – or bliss! – wherever you go . 

“An hour and a half of laughter, astonishment and discovery” – The Times

“The world’s funniest sex guru” – Time Out

“Weinberger is Austria’s most prominent sexologist since Sigmund Freud” – The Guardian