No Dogs By Hannah Burke at White Bear Theatre

‘…there ain’t nowhere your skin ain’t going to get in the way… smart beautiful but black, and ain’t it a tragedy… ‘

Following the triumphant success of “The Master and Margarita” and “The Bay”, Fragments are tackling the bitter sweet realities of post war London…

It’s 1947. London is in ruins. Christine is blind, she runs a brothel. Adelaide is black she works as a prostitute. Anne is Irish, she just wants a job.

It’s a job fitting in, so they don’t try… they are there for people who want something different… men who want something different. When Anne arrives from across the Irish sea she is unwelcome. She knits her way in to Chrsitine’s brothel and Adelaide’s job… It’s imagination and hope that screw her as she allows herself to believe that there could ever be anything more to life or any possibility of going home.

Fragments are an International Ensemble based in London. No Dogs is their first London based production since “The Bay”, also by the Irish playwright Hannah Burke, transferred to Theatre 503 after enormous success in Edinburgh.

No Dogs is directed by Shane Dempsey who has observed work in Paris with Lev Dodin and has researched contemporary ensemble practise in Russia. Fragments are renowned for their highly 2 energised and vibrant theatre and have established themselves as one of London’s most exciting young companies.

‘Bold beautiful and moving, this talented company create theatre that awakens the senses and explodes into the space’
Lisa Spirling, Theatre 503

Directed by Shane Dempsey

Cast: Terri Ann Brumby, Alma Eno, Max Cormac, Paul Anthoney, Gillian Horgan

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