ScenePool: Playing at the New Diorama from 25th- 30th May 2010


After six successful festivals over two years at Camden People’s Theatre, ScenePool is back in 2010 in a new venue and with a fresh line up of performances.

ScenePool has four companies they are committed to producing; Big Odd, Robert Taylor, Susurrus and Dan Horrigan with Secret Centre Theatre, and there are two companies that have come through a development process with ScenePool, The Silky Pair and Filskit Theatre Company. Many of the companies are using their involvement in the May ScenePool as a launch pad and a place to experiment with their work before they perform at other festivals around the UK including the Camden, Exeter and Edinburgh Fringe.

ScenePool is a production company working within the UK’s independent small-scale theatre sector using their festival programme to showcase the latest work from national and international theatre companies, presenting an exciting mix of new and developing theatre work, as well as nurturing the previews of original performances before they burst fully fledged onto the London theatre scene.

ScenePool fuses creativity, enterprise and practice, in order to produce an environment where theatre makers can strengthen their work and develop their entrepreneurial awareness, with the aim of sustaining their creativity and productions in the future. Working closely with theatre artists and along with several industry partnerships, the ScenePool team mentor and support performances to full production. The ScenePool production house works primarily with new writers and directors, developing scripts and producing them to full production.

ScenePool is partnered by Performance initiative, a research informed theatre organisation, to develop and deliver a range of theatre industry strategies that aim to encourage and enhance theatre practice and product.

ScenePool is a really great initiative, one that I can’t believe hasn’t become compulsory for anyone interested in making or seeing new theatre and performance. Whilst some regular  “scratch”/work in progress nights have become slightly predictable, in my experience Scene Pool is a showcase that with its lightness of touch is guaranteed to surprise – it always feels fresh, unpredictable and slightly under the radar. As someone who works with companies and artists programming and supporting new projects it is a great way to see a real range of work, and a selection you’re unlikely to come across in any other programme or festival. 

Aftercare is a powerful example of work in development and it will be exciting to see where this piece goes in the future as it has so much potential for growth. In a different more suitable space and with further development Aftercare could change perceptions and challenge how we view theatre. It is thrilling to see such theatre in development and ScenePool should be very proud of this discovery.

A stand out performance came from Filskit Theatre Company. They invite you to join them on a journey through the private lives of four characters exploring identity and memory. Playful and imaginative the production has a lot of potential.
FringeReview, 2009

There will be two events taking place during the festival.

Debate – Counting the cost: The risks and rewards in theatre today
Wednesday 26th May at 4pm
An event to provoke debate and raise issues around the development and showing of small-scale theatre.

This debate is supported by Performance Initiative in collaboration with Brunel University Business School and funded by ISBE (Institute for Small Business and entrepreneurship), E.S.R.C Economic & Social Research Council, Barclays Bank, BERR (Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform)

Creative Producers Initiative Launch
Saturday 29th 4.30pm
This is to launch ScenePool’s new Creative Producers Initiative that will be opening in Autumn 2010. This is an initiative that will look to give performance opportunities to producers and a platform for them to seek investment in their projects. This initiative is supported by Camden Council.


Filskit Theatre Company presents
The Living Canvas
supported by ScenePool
25th May & 30th May, 7.30pm
Filskit Theatre invites you to join them on a journey into the private world of four characters. Fleeting images appear and disappear offering a glimpse of true identity in a world of social masks. The Living Canvas follows a multi-stranded, non-linear journey through the fragments and episodes that build the identities of four individuals. The company combines physical theatre, original songs and the innovative use of pocket projectors to develop a unique style of visual storytelling.

Big Odd in association with ScenePool presents
A Broken Part
25th & 26th May, 9:00pm
A Broken Part is a self-entitled catholic pop performance that brings opera, electronic music, dance and theatre together in an emotional and moving piece about displacement and on how it feels to not belong.

Heading to the Camden Fringe 22nd-25th August

Secret Centre Theatre in association with ScenePool presents
26th May 7.30pm
A new play written and directed by Dan Horrigan.
‘My car. I do them in my car when I can. The windows steam. Release of the spirit. Trying to get free. Away from these bodies. I write her name in the condensation. The pure silver drops are their tears. The hard faced bitches. I know they can still shed a tear.’

A play about a confusion of morals.

Susurrus in association with ScenePool presents
Bloody Women
27th May 7.30pm
28th May 9pm
A show populated by sexually depraved goddesses, a dog-boy, a horny teenager, a stoic wife and a lot of blood. A performer, a singer and a musician drag myths of Ulster kicking and screaming into the present.
“Captivating language and compelling physicality” Tim Jones, Solar Associates

Heading to Exeter Fringe 23th-24th June and then on to Camden Fringe 23rd-24th August

Robert Taylor in association with ScenePool presents
I Am Woof
27th May 9pm & 28th May 7.30pm
An exploration of the extreme emotions attached to war, and the difficulty of articulating them. The play is based on verbatim text taken from three interviews with soldiers at different points in their service, and documents how these men react to the realisation of both going to Afghanistan and reintegration into the everyday upon their return.

Heading to Exeter Fringe 25th-26th June and then on to Edinburgh Fringe 6th-14th August

Victoria Kember presents
Where Have All The Ladies Gone?
Supported by ScenePool
29th May 7.30pm
From cava to caviar or kebabs to Kir Royale; Where Have All The Ladies Gone? is Victoria Kember’s wondering and wandering into gender, generation and class distinction. In a cavalcade of identity shifts from debutante in a dinner dress to dilettante in dirty denim leggings; this solo performance exposes the conflicts and contradictions of a life that resembles a wardrobe where Prada and Primark hang side by side.

Heading to Edinburgh Fringe 6th-14th August.

The Silky Pair presents
Supported by ScenePool
29th May 7.30pm
Two dusty old things sit in a library.  One hardback! The other a little more lightweight! Surrounded by words of wisdom, with a determination to out-wit, out-read and out-reference there can only be one winner. This duo explores, through clowning, the daily lives and musings of two librarians in pursuit of the right kind of knowledge. Borrow, renew, return, and re-shelve!

The Lab Theatre Collective presents
Snatching Threads
29th May 9pm
Join us on our journey up the ladder. In a world where everything is set against the tick of the clock, we want to get ahead, ahead of the game, ahead of each other, ahead of ourselves. But when will we stop, and will it be our choice? We follow the footsteps of three women driven by their need to succeed, survive and escape. 

Schauplatz Theatre Co presents
Known Unto God
29th May 9pm
Known Unto God is a new play written by Richard Staplehurst supported by the British Legion and based on the true life stories of love, hope & strength that pulled the fateful unknown soldiers through the country of Belgium during the conflict of ‘The War To End All Wars’ between 1914-1918. Known Unto God is presented in a showcase format, highlighting some of the stories told within the full play.

AlKamie presents
(No) Living Room
30th May 7.30pm
Surreal, quirky physical theatre set entirely in virtual-reality. Onstage reality twisted into sublime visual poetry. The character is catapulted into bizarre dream-like worlds. Two possible endings. Visceral performance, technological magic and a wish to see differently.

AlKamie are an affiliated artist to Chisenhale Dance Space

Dates: Tuesday to Sunday 25th- 30th May 2010
Times: 7.30pm & 9:00pm each night
Address: The New Diorama 15-16 Triton Street Regents Place London NW1 3BF
Box Office: 0844 2090 344 or online at