OMIGOD – You have to see Legally Blonde!

Legally Blonde The Musical playing at London’s Savoy Theatre is full of fun from start to finish!  Just from sitting in the spacious Stalls before the show looking at the screen on stage with silk look material as a backdrop for the silver bracelet laid in the shape of a heart with a heart shape locket saying Elle Woods with the Delta Nu symbol, you could feel the anticipation.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this West End production.  I liked the movie but didn’t know how it could be successfully done on stage.  Well, it could be.

The whole show is full of energy, good lines, good songs and lots of humor.

Sheridan Smith who plays Elle Woods is an absolute Star.  You couldn’t help but like her character… feel for her… root for her.  Although she’s first perceived as a spoiled, rich homecoming queen, she is put in the position of the underdog when going up against her peers having to prove herself to be more than just a beautiful blonde.  Duncan James (Warner Huntington III) has a very nice, strong voice even when singing a song to break up with Elle who thinks he’s going to propose.  Elle follows Warner to Harvard to show she can be the smart, successful woman he could marry but in doing so finds herself and realizes she doesn’t need Warner.  You can see the friendship evolve between Elle and Emmett (played by Alex Gaumond) and the on-stage connection – perfectly cast.  It’s a star-studded show with Peter Davison as Professor Callahan, Caroline Keiff as Vivienne Kensington, Aoife Mulholland as Brooke Wyndham, Jill Halfpenny as Paulette, and Chris Ellis-Stanton as the UPS Guy just to name a few.  The audience loved the scenes with the UPS guy strutting his stuff.  

The whole cast is top-notch but the two 4-legged characters stole the show.  Elle’s dog Bruiser and Paulette’s dog Rufus were adorable.

The show is packed with entertaining songs and scenes of which Elle (Sheridan Smith) sings 16 of the 18 songs.  You’ll have fun watching the ‘bend and snap’ scene and the relationship between Paulette and Kyle (Mr UPS) unfold.  The courtroom scene is hilarious and you feel pride watching Elle solve the case clearing exercise guru Brooke Wyndham of murder.

‘OMIGOD’ get’s a lot of mileage in this show and is infectious.

If you want to see a funny, cute, feel-good show, go see Legally Blonde The Musical.  It’s a guaranteed enjoyable time.

by Ann Kamran (


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