Review: The Key is to Laugh when you’re Grumpy Old Women!

Grumpy Old Women Live 2 has moved to the West End.  It’s playing at the majestic Novello Theatre until 5th June 2010.

What better way to spend an evening (or afternoon) than sitting in a beautifully decorated room in comfortable, luxurious-looking seats having three very funny ladies keep you entertained!

Grumpy Old Women Jenny Eclair, Susie Blake and Wendi Peters are recruiting GOW’s for The Grumpy Revolution!  And, you don’t have to be an ‘old’ woman to sign up… they’ll take any lady who can grump with the best of them – no minimum age requirement.

They have opinions on how to make the world better… to do with everything you can think of like elections (particularly the 2010 election), stopping the ‘yankiness’, reclaiming the handshake, men being a bachelor until they are DIY able, bringing back politeness/manners… to name a few.  I love their idea of a ‘Chin Up Era’ which includes my favorite – contestants aren’t allowed to cry on the talent shows like X-Factor and Over the Rainbow.  If you cry you get booted out.  Spot on except they’d be out of contestants after the 2nd week.

They address everything from finances (recession) and thereby banks and bankers; how to save money like feeding your family of 4 by visiting someone at dinner time or growing your own veggies though may be tasteless; royalty; having fun on a budget with examples like Kitchen Disco; their own version of Olympics (Grumpathalon); having a 3 day Christmas only – once every 3 years due to the stress; getting rid of all the bank holidays but don’t worry they created their own; having a woman run the country.

Then the ‘Grumpy Old Women Unite’ banner drops and there’s a seemingly short intermission.  They come back introduced with an appropriate combo of ‘Here Comes The Girls’ and ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’.  They continue entertaining us with a comedic look at real life issues concerning the middle years like invisibility syndrome and menopause (or adaptly called change of life) and how it changes your periods, breasts, and sleep ability or lack of bringing with it forgetfulness.  They continue with discussing diet food, GOW Diet Do’s & Dont’s, GOW Army, men’s snoring, shopping, things that drive GOW crazy, romance in a long-term relationship, sex, and the ‘Before I Die’ To Do List.  

Don’t forget, we all have grumpiness in us from the time we’re born – and the GOW have a chart to show the evolution of grumpiness.

Young or Old(er), you should be able to relate to everything they put before you and you can have a ‘Ah Ha’ Ha Ha.  The impromptu bits (or unexpected occurrences)add humor to an already funny show.  Don’t go thinking that three ‘Grumpy Old Women’ are just going to stand stationary on stage telling jokes / making fun… they don’t stop moving, smiling, laughing, entertaining using their lines, their wits, their passion.  And, you may grump about the price of the Souvenir Programme but it’s worth it as it continues to amuse you.  It’s not like most Programmes and is actually all about the show, the history of Grumpy Old Women, the people involved, Grumpy World Hot Spots, and even tips on how to tackle the recession.

by Ann Kamran (


Sign up today!  Join the Revolution!  Grumpy Old Women need you!

Grumpy Old Women Live 2 – Chin Up Britain

Chin Up Britain, The Grumpies Fight Back – Fresh from a 60 date sell-out National tour three of Britain’s Top Grumps bring their brand new show to The Novello Theatre in London’s West End from 14 April 2010 until 5 June 2010.

 Jenny Eclair– the original grump and star of many grumpy shows including a previous West End run and the tour of Australia.

Wendi Peters
– the all singing, all dancing ex Corrie grrrrrrrrump; and finally the Queen of Soap, Stage and taking things back to Marks and Spencers.

Susie Blake:  Susie Blake has appeared in television programmes starring Victoria Wood and has extensive radio credits. She appeared in the first episode of the sitcom One Foot in the Grave; her character was responsible for firing Victor Meldrew and thus set the events of the show into motion. She appeared as Bev Unwin in the ITV television series Coronation Street, until her departure in December 2006.

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