Ramin Karimloo, Sarah Lark & Abi Finley Lend Their Voices For a New British Musical Recording – BLUEBIRD

A host of West End stars, including the current Phantom, will feature on a brand new musical album, Bluebird, from composer Gareth Peter. The album will hit musical theatre shops in three countries on Monday September 14th 2009.

Bluebird is a passionate new musical, set during World War Two and charts the story of ordinary people living in extraordinary times. It tells the heartbreaking story of Roberta Jones (Sarah Lark) as she comes to terms with her husband Pete (Stephen Weller) going off to war. Roberta, a nurse, soon meets the charismatic U.S. serviceman Ben (Ramin Karimloo) and a friendship grows, much to the disapproval of best friend, Jane (Abi Finely).

Gareth Peter, a British composer from Northamptonshire, has penned five musicals including the supernatural drama, Escape and an Egyptian retelling of the Prince and the Pauper story, A Million Grains of Sand. It took him two years to create Bluebird, which had a workshop premier in 2008. The album was recorded between February and July 2009, also in Northants. A showcase is being planned for later in the year.

Ramin Karimloo said: It was great to help out a new and up and coming British composer. He has put his heart and soul into this project. I think he’s done a great job and was honored to be asked to take part in it and also have a song written for me. It was also a lot of fun to go back to singing with a rockier sound.

Gareth Peter said: This is the biggest and most complex project I have tackled and feel touched to have worked with such an amazing cast. They fully embraced the piece and I am immensely proud of this album. It proves that there are still new British musicals being created.

Ramin Karimloo (Phantom of The Opera, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables & Love Never Dies)
Sarah Lark (BBC’s I’d Do Anything, Oliver, Witches of Eastwick, Mamma Mia)
Stephen Weller (Martin Guerre, The Producers, Les Miserables)
Abi Finley (BBC’s How Do Solve A Problem like Maria, Fame, Blondel)
Gareth Chart (Mamma Mia, Gone With The Wind)
Robert Archibald (Ragtime, Grease, Batboy)
Gemma Sutton (Imagine This, Gone With The Wind)
Jeff Nicholson (Les Miserables)
Greg Bradley (1994 Oliver, Lord of The Rings, Mamma Mia)

1 Prologue / The Spitfires Narration – The Spitfires
2 The Shelter at 356 Albion Street – Ensemble
3 We Love England – Winifred, Ensemble
4 Family Man – Pete
5 Spitfires Second Narration – The Spitfires
6 What If This – Pete, Roberta
7 Bluebird – Pete, Ensemble
8 The Hospital / Pete’s First Letter – Roberta, Ben, Pete, Jane
9 Stockings – Ben, Roberta
10 Quick as a Flash / Sgt. Winters – Pete, Srg Winters, Soldiers
11 Pete’s Second Letter / The Hospital 2 – Pete, Ben, Roberta
12 He Came so Close to Me – Frank, Pete, Soldiers
13 A Soldiers Letter Home – Young Soldier
14 Do You Know Where Bluebirds Come From? – Ben, Roberta
15 Our Hearts Must Take Control – Ben
16 Prayers (Moon Friend) – Priest, Soldier, Ensemble
17 Beside Me – Ben
18 Beth’s Letter – Beth
19 I See You – Roberta, Jane
20 Two Men – Roberta
21 The Final Battle – Ensemble
22 Goodnight Dear Soldiers – Jane
23 Off for More Dreaming and Sunsets – Roberta, Ben
24 Pete’s Final Letter / The Reckoning – Pete, Women, Ensemble

Bluebird – The Musical, by Gareth Peter

RELEASED DATE: Monday 14th September 2009
TYPE: 24 track, single CD with 12 page souvenir booklet.
FROM: Escape Records
AVAILABLE FROM: www.dresscircle.co.uk

For further information please visit www.garethpeterdicks.co.uk