A Clockwork Orange Coming to Stage

To honour the 50th anniversary of the controversial book, ‘A Clockwork Orange’, a musical version is set to hit the stage in Manchester.  This is very fitting given the book’s late author, Anthony Burgess, was born in Manchester.
Burgess wrote the script for a musical version of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and in 1990 it was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company using original music by U2’s Bono and lead guitarist The Edge.
The 1971 film version by Stanley Kubrick was subsequently banned by the director himself due to the outcry it caused but not before this story became known through this film. Dr Andrew Biswell, director of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, explained this version is so important because Burgess wanted to make his own stage adaptation (long after Kubrick made the film) in order to assert his own ownership of the story.  Dr Biswell also told BBC News about the differences between the various versions of the story.
As well as the production in Manchester, there is to be a separate version to be staged in September at the Theatre Royal Stratford in East London with a new score and script.