Waiting For Godot Reviews

“Superb classic actors that are subtle and commanding, touching and funny, vulnerable and dignified” The Times

“A Godot worth waiting for” Daily Mail

“This double act is as deftly performed as you are ever likely to see. This is a chance to catch two veteran actors at the top of their game” Evening Standard

Simon Callow as Pozzo “Astonishing” Daily Express

“Unforgettable” The Observer

“Callow might have been born to play Pozzo” The Daily Telegraph

Donald Pickup’s Lucky is “wonderfully strange and affecting” The Sunday Times

“Had the audience bursting into spontaneous applause” Daily Express

Director Sean Mathias ensures “while the comedy is always there, the depth of meaning which the work examines is never lost amid the laughter” “The theatrical event of the year” Daily Express

“A world class cast. Sean Mathias’s production makes Beckett’s inaccessible play surprisingly approachable.” London Lite

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