Three Good Wives by Inkfish

Three Good Wives by Inkfish in association with the Little Angel Theatre from 16th Mar till 28th Mar 2010.

US based company Inkfish return to Little Angel with their original puppet theater piece that takes contemporary US and UK military wives’ stories and weaves them with mytho-historic heroines: Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey, Mandodari from the Ramayana, and Scheherazade from The Arabian Nights.  The production is inspired by the stories of 21st Century women whose lives have been affected by war. It draws from personal accounts, news and radio stories as well as online social media to investigate the core themes of waiting, mourning, and healing.

The Times:

“Puppet women have their mouths sewn shut with blood-coloured thread and are left to drown on coffee tables piled high with paper weaponry; a shadow image of a perfect home struggles against collapse as an infestation of armoured insects rises from the basement.”

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