The Art of Concealment – The Life of Terence Rattigan at Jermyn Street Theatre

John B Hobbs and GC Productions in Association with Jermyn Street Theatre present THE ART OF CONCEALMENT – The Life of Terence Rattigan by Giles Cole  from January 9th to 28th at Jermyn Street Theatre.

1977. Terence Rattigan, once regarded as the golden boy of the West End stage, is 66 years old and dying of leukaemia. As he waits for the curtain to rise on the first night of his last West End play (Cause Célèbre) he is haunted by memories from his earlier life – his schooldays at Harrow, his disagreements with his philandering exdiplomat father, his devotion to his mother, his lovers, his huge success and wealth followed by his spectacular fall from favour, his descent into delusion and paranoia – and, through all this, his relationships with two of his closest friends and the lover of whom they disapproved.

The Art of Concealment is a play not only about the demons that haunted one of our great playwrights but about the creative process itself, and the process of ageing, of loss, and the pain of love – with the ironic twist that we know Rattigan to be more honoured now – following the centenary of his birth in 2011 – than he would ever have expected in his lifetime.

Having premiered to great acclaim as a special commission for the Brighton Festival Fringe 2011, The Art of Concealment has been reworked for Jermyn Street Theatre. Written by Giles Cole, with the approval of Rattigan’s official biographer, this new production is directed by Knight Mantell and designed by Meg Witts.

It stars Alistair Findlay and Dominic Tighe as the older and younger Rattigan respectively, and features Daniel Bayle, Judy Buxton, Charlie Hollway, Christopher Morgan, Graham Pountney and Benedict Salter.

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