Street theatre spectacular to land in Chester-le-Street

On Tuesday 13 July, one of Europe’s top street theatre companies Theater Titanick will be adding Chester-le-Street to an impressive list of world-wide locations to have staged their Firebirds open-air spectacular.

Over the past nine-years Firebirds has left audiences in awe from Edinburgh to Santiago in Chile. The dazzling aviation inspired show is preparing to land in County Durham as part of BRASS 2010: Durham International Festival.

The free event looks to entice big crowds to Chester-le-Street to witness what promises to be the ‘must see’ event of this summer’s festival season.

“It’s a massive achievement for County Durham to be staging such a high profile event like Firebirds.  It enhances the region’s growing reputation as being a major cultural player on the European and global stage,” said Neil Hillier, Strategic Manager – Heritage and Culture for Durham County Council.

Firebirds is centred around a competitive two-hour parade featuring six fire-spraying, mighty flying machines, all piloted by extravagant daredevils.  The aim of the game is for each pilot to try and win over the crowd as the procession stunningly works its way through Chester-le-Street.

The atmosphere is fuelled by Theatre Titanick’s performance partners, the eccentric French brass band, Fanfare Le Snob – the perfect musical accompaniment to keep in with the BRASS 2010 theme.

Firebirds isn’t your average street theatre event as the general public are encouraged to get involved and play an essential role as Flight Assistants.

If this sounds right up your street and you’re physically fit and aged between 18-40 years – then special workshops are being held in Chester-le-Street this coming Sunday [11 July at Chester-le-Street Youth Centre between 12-5pm] with a full Dress Rehearsal on Monday [12 July at Chester-le-Street youth centre between 6-10pm].

This could be ideal for teams of people from families, community groups, colleges, universities, businesses or organisations in the area looking to do something different with their spare time.

If you attend the workshops it’s advisable to wear comfortable clothing.

For further information please contact James Lowther, Principle Arts Officer – Public Art and Events at Durham County Council on (0191) 370 8820 (24 hrs voicemail) or by emailing

Neil Hillier adds: “Having Firebirds as part of BRASS 2010 perfectly represents the festival’s diverse approach of creatively incorporating every aspect of performance, whilst championing the cultural heritage of brass music and its influence on the arts.”

BRASS 2010: Durham International Festival prides itself in providing a platform for musicians from across the globe to showcase their talents and perform to enthusiastic audiences.  The concept is to bring to the melting pot a vast selection of different musical styles that are influenced in some way by Brass music.

This year’s festival has seen performers flock to County Durham from as far a field as France, Germany, Japan, India, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the US with styles ranging from Trad to Funk, Classical to Jazz and Afro-beat to Soul.

BRASS 2010 isn’t solely about ticketed performances as it has a range of workshops and free street concerts [Streets of Brass].

Firebirds will be blazing into Chester-le-Street on Tuesday 13 July – the free event will be commencing at 9pm starting from Burns Green Car Park (behind the Leisure Centre) and will proceed along Cone Terrace to the Market Place with the finale beginning at approximately 10pm.

Please note roads around Chester-le-Street Market Place will be closed on the evening of Tuesday 13 July.

If you are coming by car please park at the Chester-le-Street Riverside Main Car Parks and follow the pedestrian route to the Market Place.

If you are arriving by bus, temporary bus stops will be in place on Newcastle Road (near the police station) and on Durham Road near the Ropery Lane junction. The public are advised to proceed on foot from these points.

The daredevil driven flying machines should be the ultimate explosive night out for all the family.

If you want to learn more about the open-air spectacular then please visit  This is also a great place to read information about the remaining acts performing at BRASS 2010: Durham International Festival.

You can also delve into the story of ‘Firebird’ by visiting Theater Titanick’s official website

Don’t miss out – play your part in BRASS 2010!

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