Poor sales lead early closure of Prick Up Your Ears

The West End show Prick Up Your Ears is to close early due to poor sale when Matt Lucas pulled out of the play.

The Little Britain star, Matt Lucas withdrew from his role after his former civil partner, Kevin McGee, committed suicide. Prick Up Your Ears continues to play at the Comedy Theatre with Olivier award-winning and Tony award-nominated Con O’Neill playing the role of Kenneth Halliwell.

Prick Up Your Ears – a darkly funny and moving play imagines what really happened when, after years of creative collaboration, the door slammed shut and Kenneth was home alone. It tells the sensational story behind the domestic life of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell, holed up in a tiny flat in Islington, trading well-trodden insults and hilarious put-downs like any old married couple.

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