Over the Rainbow winner and the nation’s Dorothy is Danielle Hope!

The Over the Rainbow Finale is on BBC One tonight, 22/5/2010.  I’m sure Andrew Lloyd Webber, the panel, audience, and two final contestants are excited to see who will be Dorothy.  Who will it be – Sophie or Danielle?
Sophie Evans (17) – Wales:
Sophie has been singing as long as she has been speaking.  She gets her singing ability from her mother.  Her family is very supportive.
Danielle Hope (18) – Greater Manchester:
Danielle, a full-time student, recently quit her part time job to focus on her studies and to pursue her dream of becoming an entertainer/performer.  Her family, while realistic about the entertainment business, they are very supportive.
They both are pretty and talented.  When singing ‘Over the Rainbow’, amazingly they each made it their own with beautiful renditions sounding very different.  The judges feel they owned the song.  The Dorothys also performed a song of their choice.  Both did an excellent job though Danielle’s performance of Mambo Italiano was livelier than Sophie’s choice of song (again though – both well done).
The winner will be recording Over the Rainbow as a single for charity available for download after midnight tonight.
Though the night is all about Dorothy, Toto deserves an honourable mention – Dave or ‘Dangerous Dave’ is Toto.
Just announced — The winner and the nation’s Dorothy is Danielle Hope!
Lloyd Webber is pleased with the result and said that the public has never been wrong yet.  Well done to all the contestants and best of luck to Danielle!

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