Megan Mullally to open Karen: The Musical

Megan Mullally, who recently played at Vaudeville Theatre London, has announced that she is planning for a new Broadway musical entitled Karen: The Musical. This musical will be the “Return of Karen Walker”.

Megan intends to open this musical in Los Angles, then Broadway and finally in London.

Megan said:

Five or so years ago I was having a massage and I had my face in the cradle and my eyes sprang open and I thought Karen: The Musical. It seems to me that it would be really funny to see Karen singing. I also think that, since there are no standards and practices, you’d have so much leeway to do a lot of really silly, stupid things, I mean that in the good way … I want it to be just, the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen. That’s my goal.

It’s not a Broadway show. I want to do it in LA for a limited run because there’s no understudy and mummy gets tired. So a limited run in LA first, then we could do it in NY for a period and then we could do it here. I’m not doing it to be a Broadway show. I’m doing it to be a show that can travel anywhere that people like the character of Karen. It’s going to be Karen and Beverley Leslie together. Leslie Jordan, who played Beverly Leslie, has quite a lot of stage experience. He’s very good on stage so it�s going to be the two of us.

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