Marilyn Forever Blonde at Leicester Square

The story takes place at a photo shoot just prior to Marilyn’s untimely death. She is 36 years old and while she still is beautiful, she has lost some of the little girl charm that made her Hollywood’s biggest star in the 20th Century Fox prime of her early twenties.

Divorced for the third time and now living alone, frustrated by Hollywood and tired of being labeled a sex symbol, Marilyn longs to be respected for her talent and loved for who she really is rather than the character she has created for the silver screen. She wonders what it would be like to do it all over again…

Press Reviews

“Award-winning actress and singer Sunny Thompson takes on the role of Marilyn. ‘Amazing… An uncanny resemblance to Monroe, not only in vivacious figure but in her delicate voice. It’s hard to discern where Monroe stops and Thompson begins” – Broadway World.

“Mesmerizing” Washington Post

“Sunny Thompson – simply Marilyn” Edge Boston

“Beathtaking” Boston Globe

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