Making Allowances by Tom Levitt at the New Diorama Theatre

Former MP with First Hand Experience of the “Expenses Scandal” Takes to the Stage!

MAKING ALLOWANCES is a new drama which captures the concerns of the hundreds of MPs who were caught up in that frantic six month scandal of expenses, from May to November 2009.

MAKING ALLOWANCES simply says that these were people too, with human emotions and human weaknesses. From the pen of someone who was right at the heart of it.

Tom Levitt served as Member of Parliament for High Peak from 1997 to 2010. At the height of last year’s Parliamentary expenses scandal he was accused of having tried to claim for, amongst other things, a poppy wreath, for which he was vilified by both the local and national press. The public story, however, was not the full version of events…

Now Tom is turning his hand to writing and performing to tell a story based on his real life experience, which started with the Telegraph’s uncovering of MPs’ expenses and spiraled out of control with what he called their “conniving with
criminals in gutter journalism”. He’s here to set the record straight, not to make any money out of it, and he’s paying for all his own props too – including the wreath!

Originally written for radio, the script has been adapted for the stage by TWW Productions, and is presented at the New Diorama Theatre as part of the Creative Producers Collective event.

MAKING ALLOWANCES is not a documentary, but is based on real-life experiences that hurt!

New Diorama Theatre, 15 – 16 Triton Street, Regents Place, London NW1
4th and 5th November 2010 at 7.30pm
Tickets: 0844 209 0344