Lembit Opik in stocks at Tower of London for Comic Relief

Former Liberal Democrat MP, Lembit Opik, has been captured by medieval wenches, courtesy of The Sims Medieval.  The notorious political figure will be held in stocks to allow the British public to have fun with Lembit, medieval-style, at the Tower of London1 on Thursday 17th March. 

Ready, aim, fire and enjoy this opportunity to laugh, have fun and raise some money for a great cause.  For every member of the British public that gets involved in this activity, The Sims Medieval will donate £1.00 to Comic Relief.  Ever seen a politician in stocks before?  It’s a site not to be missed – particularly one with a red nose!

Lembit Opik comments:

“This is a fun way for the British public to have fun and raise some money for Comic Relief, entirely at my expense.  The Sims Medieval allows you to play with life in a medieval setting and this is exactly what we’re doing.  I understand there’s even going to be a jester on hand, to ensure I really am a laughing stock.”

The Sims Medieval, a brand new release from the world’s most successful PC franchise The Sims, is available on PC/MAC from Friday 25th March 2011.

Visit www.thesimsmedieval.com for more information.

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