La Cage Aux Folles Announced New Cast!

The hit musical La Cage Aux Folles at the Playhouse Theatre will have new lead actors from the 4th May 2009. Graham Norton will leave the show on the 2nd May and his role of drag queen Zaza (Albin) will be taken by Roger Allam. The role of Zaza/Albin was originated by Douglas Hodge in the current revival and he recently won an Olivier award for best actor in a musical. Hodge’s original co-star, Philip Quast will return to the show to play Albin’s lover alongside Roger Allam.

There are rumours that leading West End musical star John Barrowman has been approached to play the part of ZAZA for three months when Roger Allam and Philip Quast leave the show in August. John Barrowman has a new TV programme to record, and a live concert tour, so it’s all a matter of availability with such a gruelling schedule. If this does happen, it will bring a new audience in to the show as John Barrowman has a high profile on tv and is extremely popular.

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  1. Went to see John Barrowman at Birmingham symphony hall last night – he told the audience that HE IS going to be in La Cage Aux Folles from the 17th September!!!!!

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