Don’t miss David Suchet and ZoË Wanamaker in All My Sons

Starring David Suchet and Zoë Wanamaker, All My Sons is Arthur Miller’s remarkable modern morality play about the cost of lying and the price of truth-telling. When a man places duty to his family above the lives of others, it is only a matter of time before everything he stands for will be torn apart.

All My Sons – the first great success of Arthur Miller’s supremely influential career – is a compelling story of love, guilt and the corrupting power of greed.

Joe Keller (David Suchet) is alleged to have supplied World War II fighter planes with defective engines, leading to the deaths of innocent pilots – a crime for which his business partner took the fall.

One of Keller’s sons, himself a pilot, is thought to have been killed in action. But his mother (Zoe Wanamaker) can’t accept his death and equally, can’t accept that her dead son’s fiancée has transferred her affections to her other son.

The confrontations that ensue lead to the uncovering of a shameful family secret…

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