Cipollino Mikhailovsky at The London Coliseum

Karen Khachaturian’s Cipollino Mikhailovsky at The London Coliseum¬†from 17 July 2010 to 24 July2010.

The fairy-tale story by Italian author Gianni Rodari tells of the adventures of the Little Onion boy (Cipollino), who fights the unjust treatment of his fellow vegetable folk (his little girlfriend Radish, old Mr Pumpkin, handyman Master Grape) by the fruit “aristocracy” (foppish Prince Lemon, martinet Signor Tomato and the Count Cherry).

Although the ballet was created especially for young people, it never lacks the “serious” choreography of classical ballet. The principals of the Mikhailovsky Ballet really enjoy themselves turning from Siegfrieds and Odettes into ‘vegetables’ and ‘fruits’. The rhythms of dance, the portrayal and humour of the characters and the exceptional performances keeps everyone enthralled.

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