Broadway Opening of Love Never Dies Postponed to 2011

Andrew Lloyd Webber has confirmed that the US premiere of Love Never Dies will be delayed until 2011.

The musical, which opened in the West End to mixed reviews in March, had been scheduled to begin its Broadway run in November 2010 at the Neil Simon Theatre.  That date has now been pushed back until Spring 2011 with the venue being held especially for the production by the Nederlander Organization. 

The statement issued by the US producers stated that the decision to postpone was necessary due to post-operative problems which Lloyd Webber has suffered following treatment for prostate cancer earlier this year.  Lloyd Webber is unable to attend auditions or be part of the pre-production process in New York due to his condition being aggravated by recent air travel and at the request of his doctors who have asked that he not take any further long-haul flights until the health complications are looked into.

Lloyd Webber is currently involved in Over the Rainbow, a BBC television series, in which he is looking for Dorothy for his new production of The Wizard of Oz – a commitment which was undertaken before the cancer was diagnosed.

A decision has been made to move West End’s The Wizard of Oz forward and to schedule Broadway’s Love Never Dies to 2011 thus allowing Lloyd Webber the freedom to travel to New York and oversee the auditions and rehearsals later in the year.  Lloyd Webber is frustrated at not being able to travel to New York but will focus his time on The Wizard of Oz and be available for the creative process of Love Never Dies in New York as soon as possible.  He appreciates others rescheduling their time to allow this necessary accommodation.

The productions in Australia and Asia scheduled for later in 2011 are unaffected by the changes to the Broadway dates.

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