BACK2BACK Productions presents Ordinary Lads at Etcetera Theatre

BACK2BACK Productions presents “ORDINARY LADS” written by Paul Ferguson and directed By Jake Hendriks at Etcetera Theatre from Tuesday 26th January – Sunday 14th February 2010.

Following on from last years sell-out successes of ‘Miller’, ‘Platform & Christopher’ and ‘Nowhere Man’, back2back has announced that they will be producing ‘Ordinary Lads’ at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden.

Four ordinary lads, trying to solve each other’s ordinary everyday problems.

“Somebody’s at the door”, bringing disaster, sticky situations, and a free car! Bones wants his drug dealer; Fergie wants someone to laugh at his jokes; Sparky needs some good luck; and Dibs… well, he’s just Dibs.

Directed by – Jake Hendriks

Designer – Olivia Altaras

Lighting Designer – Gary Bowman

Sound Designer – David Gregory

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3 thoughts on “BACK2BACK Productions presents Ordinary Lads at Etcetera Theatre”

  1. I was taken to see this show a couple of years ago by a friend of mine and it was such good fun, one of the funniest modern plays I have seen. It’s like a sitcom for the stage and I can seriously recommend this to anybody who likes to laugh.

  2. Saw this play in 2007 when it was sistered by “The Girls Next Door” but boys oh boys this latest incarnation doesn’t need any girl power neighbours

    Bones Fergie Dibbs & Sparkey have enough comedic machismo to transport us to their grotty little flat and keep us there amongst the story of “the night before” where Sparky gets himself into more than a few spots of “bovver” and we join the boys in their attempts at easing his sorry situations.

    Great laughs, from some great one liners in the script are kept rolling by superb direction and this time unlike in 2007 there’s a set with wallpaper lights and of course ‘girlie mags’ – well every guys flat has those – doesn’t it or maybe just me then . . .

    Great night out – go see this play and here’s hoping that 2010 will be Back2back’s year.

  3. I saw this last night – it was fantastic! I am usually dubious about fringe theatre as it’s normally try-too-hard and inevitably depressing, however, this was nothing like I expected. It was funny from start to finish, the actors were tremendous, the set was worthy of any London venue and the script and direction as good (if not better in some cases). The one thing that would better this evening out would be if the venue were a professional one, to fit the standard of this production. Well worth a visit to Camden!

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