A Deborah Levy Double Bill – Clam & Honey/Baby

A Deborah Levy Double Bill Clam & Honey/Baby is directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou at The White Bear Theatre from 16th February till 7th March 2010 Tuesday- Saturday 7.30pm, Sunday Matinee 4pm.

PapaC Productions presents a Deborah Levy Double Bill. Two plays for the price of one!

Two dark tales set in a world on the outskirts of reality, a place where the strange and wild is commonplace. Levy’s plays explore loss of hope and identity with a twist of comedy and violence that leaves the audience with a bittersweet taste on their tongues. Be cautious when you enter this world, you may just lose yourself along the way…

Levy is A budding Genius – City Limits.

Enter the strange and surreal world of Clam, where six people embark on a rollercoaster ride through relationships, terrorism and shattered dreams…

Honey/Baby fuses dark comedy, violence and love in a powerful and shocking play that investigated five citizens in contemporary England. Exploring exile, racism, young love, lust and middle England…

In early 2009, The Hen and Chickens Theatre, staged Deborah Levy’s Honey/Baby. This was the debut of Papachronopoulou, a radical, uncompromising and alluring director. This was a runaway success having sell out performances, and is now being revived at The White Bear Theatre. Joining the bill is Levy’s other play Clam, making this a new and exciting adventure.

Both of Levy’s plays are uncompromising, visceral pieces that encourage audience interpretation and force us to question our views on women, relationships and violence. By sandwiching these plays together, the end result is a double punch in the gut that not only prolongs the audiences stay in the surreal and disturbing worlds she creates, but also encourages us to consider every angle of the arguments she presents.

Papachronopoulou’s idea of fusing elements of dark comedy with musicals at equal measure is the (her) strongest asset – The Remote Goat

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