90s Reunion Gameshow Party!

Crow Theatre invites you once again to their 90s Reunion Gameshow Party! This time in the fabulous Granville Arcade, in Brixton Village. This area of Brixton market has been given new life by SpaceMakers and now you will find exciting and interesting stuff happening there every saturday and now also thursday nights. They have a Bring Your Own Drinks  policy and the entertainment is free so why not come down and enjoy the great atmosphere and unique experience of Brixville. And don’t forget to find a fantastic 90s costume to wear to win an extra special prize on Thursday 22nd July at 8pm.

A Party, A play, and Games.

Crow Theatre invites you to don your platforms and bommer jackets and come to The 90s School Reunion to be indulged in the classic tunes of the time and reminded of your younger days. Be introduced to your old school friends, see how they’ve changed, and see if you can discover the dark secrets in their past.

You can choose to be Audience or Contestants in the Game Show, divided into 3 teams who compete in games to win clues. At the end of the evening there will be a Quiz round to decide the winners.

If you would like to ensure a place in the Gameshow please email root@crowtheatre.co.uk or call 07793054443 with numbers.

A new Theatre Experience. Dress up in 90s costume to win a prize.

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